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Music Festival

September 14th – Join our Wake the Giant Music Festival

Wake The Giant is a cultural awareness project in Thunder Bay aimed at building understanding and showing Indigenous people that they are valued members of the Thunder Bay community. The music festival is a celebration of all cultures with a specific focus on Indigenous people and promoting Indigenous musicians.

Are you a festival-goer with questions about the Wake the Giant Music Festival? Check out the KNOW BEFORE YOU GO Info document.


Know Before you Go





Metric: The band toured with July Talk this year and were obviously down with the Wake the Giant initiative after July Talk pitched it them. They are one of Canada’s biggest bands. With a handful of Juno nomination nods, performances on numerous late shows and an extensive festival tour including Coachella, Osheaga, Lollapalooza, and now Wake The Giant.

Fantasies is the group’s most successful album to date, selling 250,000 albums in less than a year, going platinum in Canada, and earning a Top 20 single on the American rock charts. The album’s success led the band to winning a 2010 Juno Awards for Band of the Year and Alternative Album of the Year.They also made a splash in the world of cinema, scoring a prime spot on the Grammy-nominated soundtrack to The Twilight Saga: Eclipse with the theme song “Eclipse (All Yours)”


Coleman Hell: It goes without saying—Coleman is Thunder Bay’s biggest (and most famous) musician in a long time. This is his welcome home show. His breakthrough single “2 Heads” topped streaming-service charts in early 2015, leading to a record deal. The song reached number 15 on Billboard’s Canadian Hot 100. His full-length debut, Summerland, arrived in October 2016 and became a Top 30 album in Canada alongside another charting single, “Fireproof.”


Crown Lands: With vocals that are very similar to the Black Keys, this duo rocks and festival goers are going to be blown away when they hear them. The band’s song Mountain premiered on Global Citizen and shares a story about the historical mistreatment of Indigenous Canadians. Their latest single Waterfall, has reached 27 on the active rock charts in Canada.


July Talk: We like to describe them as the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. This band has went above and beyond in helping not only DFC students, but also the Wake the Giant Festival. The band is integral to the conception of the entire event. Known for their gritty blues-rock sound the band released their self-titled debut in 2012. July Talk won a Juno Award for Alternative Album of the Year.


Wolf Saga: With MGMT and a David Bowie vibe, this electro-pop artist has a different take on Indigenous music. “Hopefully people just listen to the music and they don’t worry about who’s behind it, or what it has to sound like.”

“Wolf Saga’s electro-pop sound, at first listen, does not sound like Indigenous music, but he said that’s because there are deep misconceptions about what Indigenous music is.” Check out his song “Walls”.


Ansley Simpson: A Toronto-based Anishinaabe singer-songwriter. Nominated for two 2018 Indigenous Music Awards and winner of “Best New Artist”.


Nick Ferrio: One of Canadian indie rock’s “best kept secrets”. Trust us on this.


Luke Warm and the Cold Ones: Our favourite local band- well we might be bias. We are so excited for DFC students to see these two teachers as rockstars at the Wake the Giant Festival. How often do you go to a concert as high school student and see two of our teachers jamming out like bonafied rockstars. Coolest thing ever!!


Battle Nation Drum Group: Battle Nation is a drum group from Thunder Bay, Ontario. The group of singers come from all around Northwestern Ontario.